Niki Z. has been a hair artisan for over 14 years, beginning her career on the West Coast and relocating to NY in the mid '90's. She has been involved in the beauty and fashion world in a wide variety of capacities. She is a master colorist, hair stylist, makeup artist and educator for some of the world's leading haircolor companies, both onstage at shows and in salons.

Her talent and knowlege in the exciting art of hair fashion is evidenced by her professional confidence and personal philosophy of "telling like it is." This is a unique and refreshing stance in the sometimes hedonistic and often self-serving world of personal beauty.

Niki Z. is always eager to educate clients as well as the public at large about their beauty choices and options, striving to give the best of herself so that each person she touches and/or teaches leaves with the most straightforward information, sound advice and most importantly... The Perfect Look.

Now available by appointment for training or services in the USA, UAE and Middle East. Please see calendar for dates of availablility.

Niki Z
Middle East +971529212453 Available in Dubai, the UAE, Middle East and surrounding area.
USA 516-816-6452 based in AZ. Available to travel all 50 states.
Consultations via skype.
For extension application or training.

My Mission Satement to you, my valued client

"Allow me to perform my tasks today with an open mind, a giving heart, tolerant ears and a soothing voice. Let my hands move swiftly and with purpose, creating beautiful results and allow only good and healing energy to pass through me to each and every person I touch. Let me give freely of myself to each one, giving only the best of what I have and who I am."
- niki z.

If I ever fall short of my promise to you please do not hesitate to bring any comments, questions or concerns to my attention either in person, via email, or on the message board on this site... and if you are satisfied and pleased, I would love to know that too!!!

See my tips for choosing your perfect hair color,
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© 2008 Niki Z

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