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No Heat
No Glue
No Solvents
No Metal Cylinders

Feather-light Attachments

Perfectly comfortable for creating length, fullness, highlights, and/or correcting specific problem areas.

Microchet -- the kinder, gentler hair extensions

Hair extensions that won't damage your own hair


We've all heard the horror stories about extensions-from-hell that pull out clumps of hair by their roots within 3-4 weeks after being put on; or the extensions that are put on with glue that leave sticky residues on your scalp (especially the latex-based ones); and the ones that cause red bumps and itchy patches because their poor quality causes allergic reactions. Or maybe you've even experienced some of these catastrophes yourself. Not fun, right? That's when you end up saying, "I've just been to the worst hairdressers ever!" ... and it just might not be their fault.

Well, now you don't have to worry about that any more.

A very gentle thread technique for applying extensions was first introduced in Asia some time ago and has proved itself so successful there that its developer, Mr. Charles Oh, has recently introduced it to the American market in California. It is also gaining ground in Hollywood, San Diego, St. Louis, Chicago, and now New York. And I'm very excited about this superior hair extension method for my clients.

We offer you the Microchet Hair Extensions!
(Now available in New York)


So, what's so different about the Microchet method AND why should I care?

Let me answer the last question first: because, quite frankly, we believe that when you examine all the attachment methods on the market today, you will discover that the Microchet method is the safest, easiest, and most natural looking hair attachment system available.

What the Microchet method is NOT!:

Key: A = Attachment type; P = Problems associated with it

  • Not Pinchbraids – A: Corn-row type braid. P: Can be bulky; can be painful; can pull hair out of scalp
  • Not Hot Seals – A: Hot glue. P: Can burn hair and/or scalp
  • Not Strand-by-Strand Shrinkies – A: Heat. P: Can burn hair and/or scalp; can be difficult to remove; can cause shedding
  • Not Strand-by-Strand Extendtubes – A: Small metal cylinder tubes that lie close to scalp. P: Can be painful to lay on; can promote allergies to metal
  • Not Strand-by-Strand Hand Fusion – A: Heat and heated glue. P: Can burn hair and/or scalp; can be heavy; can cause breakage; can be difficult to remove
  • Not Strand-by-Strand Pre-bonded Fusion – A: Pre-tipped with adhesive; heat and heated glue. P: Can burn hair and/or scalp; can be heavy; can cause breakage; can be difficult to remove
  • Not Bonded Wefts – A: Glue or keratin. P: Lasts only 4-6 weeks; bulkier than strand-by-strand; can damage hair during removal
  • Not Microringed Wefts – A: Small metal cylinder tubes that lie close to scalp. P: Can be painful to lay on; can promote allergies to metal
  • Not Clip-ins – A: Clips. P: Usually doesn't look natural

No. The Microchet method is none of the above.

Gone Are the Days of Fusions, Braids, and Clips

What Microchet IS is an exclusively innovative, durable technique for producing beautiful long hair by attaching only fine, high quality human hair, strand-by-strand, to your existing hair using special thread (either the same color as the hair or invisible thread) and a crochet hook. This special process produces a virtually undetectable attachment so that the new hair appears to be growing right out of your own scalp. This process is quick and easy; great for adding length, volume or just to add a touch of color or highlites; extremely lightweight so there is no pulling or stress on your natural roots; and very easily removed by simply cutting the attachment string — so there is extremely little-to-NO DAMAGE to your own hair as compared to the other currently used methods of extensions attachment that use heat and glue; it's more comfortable than methods using braids or cylinders (which use metal attachments that can break your hair); and because this new hair moves independently of your own hair, it is more natural looking than most other methods. There is very little shedding, color stays true, and the hair stays soft and touchable. This is the most gentle technique available today.

Hair growth requires that all types of extensions be removed and replaced about every three months, an extremely easy procedure in the Microchet system. And once removed, about 40% of this hair may be re-usable two more times. This saves you money because you won't have to buy all new hair every time we do it.

Cutting, coloring and perming of extensions or natural hair are priced separately and added to the final fee.

NO Heat – NO Chemicals

The Microchet Hair Extension system does NOT require heat nor chemicals for attachment nor strong solvents for removal. You can therefore rest easy as the possibility for damage to your hair or scalp from heat and/or chemicals from this process is totally eliminated.

A Very Gentle Attachment

The Microchet hair extensions look and feel like your own natural hair after the first day or two as they are so lightweight you won't even know you're wearing them. They have an extremely natural look about them, are easy to wash and style, and can even be colored and permed to provide a variety of styles and moods.


What's it good for?

Fashion and Beauty

Microchet Hair Extensions can give you longer, thicker, fuller, sexier hair with a minimum of fuss, bother, and breakage to your natural growth. Looking your best helps you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself promotes feelings of confidence and self-assuredness. Confidence and self-assuredness lead to success in whatever you are undertaking, something everybody wants and strives for. And for those in the public eye, it is a must.

From time-to-time, special events like weddings, proms, gala events of one sort or another arise where you want to look extra-special for that extra-special occasion. This would be a very good time to try out the Microchet Hair Extensions. Its ease of application and reputation for not causing undo damage goes a long way toward making you feel at ease and confident that all will be well with this procedure and to allay the fears of the "what if's".

As the cuticles in our cuticle hair are all aligned in the same direction, hair tangles and matts are no longer a problem which makes caring for your hair a lot easier.

Perfect for Problem Areas

Extra-Fine Hair

or Even Growing-in Hair Following Chemo

If you are suffering from alopecia or tricotillomania (picking at your hair and pulling it out by the roots); recovering from chemo or other medically-caused hair loss; fine or thinning hair; a bad cut that you need to grow out; or are looking for a transformation from dark winter color to summer blond without damage ... This is the way to go for instant and beautiful results.

The gentle attachments and the light weight work together to make it possible to restore hair in the most sensitive and difficult areas such as on the top of the head, temples, mid-scalp, and forehead (for bangs) or on extra-fine or extra-short hair. Very thin or lost hair need no longer be an area of embarrassment for either men or women. And as it happens, this is my area of specialization. Having overcome my own hair loss due to a medical problem (not cancer), I feel a special bond with others who are struggling in this area.

Q & A:

"Well, Niki," you say, "I really like the idea of so little or no damage to my own hair, but ... strand-by-strand? That sounds like a lot of time in the chair. How long would it actually take you to do this for me?"

Hm-m-m. That's a toughy because there are no one-size-fits-all answers for how long these sessions can take. It really depends on what we're starting with and where we want to end up. For example, it can take anywhere from one hour to add highlites or fix a botched haircut to maybe up to 3 - 4 hours depending on what you're looking to do. This can take from 1/2 bundle to 2 or 3 bundles of hair ... again, depending on the projected end result.

This is why a consultation is always recommended.

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules with this. Most questions can only be answered in the consultation. I need to see the hair ... Where we're starting from and where the projected end result is.

So, let's RE-CAP what the Microchet Hair Extension system has going for it and see what it can do for you:

  • High Quality Natural Russian, Indian, or European Human Hair
    Hand tied. Remy hair ... cuticle going in one direction to reduce tangling and matting. Re-usable. Can be colored and permed. Adds volume, length, or highlights. Stays soft and touchable.
  • No Heat – No Chemicals = No Damage and No Allergic Reactions from these irritants (with the possible exception of the adhesive for Hollywood Top, a special product for bald spots. However, it requires only a tiny amount of medical quality adhesive so the possibility of allergic reactions here should be minimal.)
  • Extremely Gentle Attachments
    Small attachment point. Uses thread. Swings independently of your natural hair so it looks more like your own real hair. Lasts about three months. Quickly applied; easily removed. Easy care. No heat. No bonding. No metal cylinders. Very comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect for special circumstances
    Great for special events; every-day beauty enhancement; correcting very-fine hair problems or medically-caused hair loss such as alopecia, tricotillomania, or growing-in hair after chemo.
  • A very experienced and qualified cosmetologist (Niki). Call 516-816-6452 for all extension services … including (under special circumstances) house calls.

Seems to me that this Microchet system has quite a lot going for it!

Get all the glances you deserve!

Irene (example):

Microchet Hair Extensions Image
Cut, Colored, and Styled
after Microchet
Before Microchet Hair Extensions Graphic
After Hair Extensions But Before Styling Image
After Microchet
but before styling

It's impossible to put a dollar value on the confidence and self-assuredness that looking your best will provide for you. But it's a sure bet that people tend to perform better and experience more success when they're concentrating on what they're doing; not worrying about how they look.

The attachments are so light that the added volume seems like your own natural hair; moves like your natural hair; and can be styled just like your natural hair. In other words, you may even forget this extra hair is an add-on because it even feels like your natural hair. A very confident feeling.

And the possibility of damage to your own hair is so minimal with the Microchet attachment method when applied by an experienced, certified practitioner as to be almost non-existent. This alone should be enough to calm your fears about taking the plunge and is worth your weight in gold for you to know you won't end up worse off than when you began!

However, as with any hair enhancement product, there is a possibility of damage due to misuse or improper care by the client. Proper care and maintenance will be fully explained at time of consult, but client must assume all responsibility in this area. If you have me do your extensions, it is understood that you are in agreement with these statements whether they have been printed and signed or not.


While there is no charge for the salon consultation, if you decide to have the extensions, a non-refundable deposit of $500 would allow for ordering hair and holding your spot.

  • For a Full Head of Length: starting at $1400 (+/- 2 bundles)
  • For a Full Head of Fullness: starting at $1200 (+/- 1-1/2 bundles)
  • For Highlights: starting at $800 (+/- 1 bundle)
  • For a Full Head of Length and Fullness: starting at $2100 (+/- 2 bundles)

Because of hair growth, all extensions need to be re-done from time to time (usually between 2 and 3 months).

To schedule all extension services – including in-home visits –
Call 516-816-6452

In-home visits are special services for those who are home-bound and others who are unable to come to the salon. Consultation and/or travel fees may apply.

You Will Be Absolutely Delighted
With Your Beautiful New Longer and/or Fuller Head of Hair
Sh-h-h! If you don’t tell, they won’t know……….

Niki Z
Middle East +971529212453 Available in Dubai, the UAE, Middle East and surrounding area.
USA 516-816-6452 based in AZ. Available to travel all 50 states.
Consultations via skype.
For extension training and/or application AND cut and color services

P.S. Reserve your spot early as thereís only so much timeÖ.. Once itís booked, itís gone!

What to do next

As you read through the above information, did you have any questions relating to your specific situation that were not fully answered?

Jot them into the response box (below). Niki will get back to you by e-mail within the next 5 days.

Please be assured that this e-mail consultation will not be a thinly disguised sales presentation; it will consist of the best intelligence that Niki can supply without actually seeing your hair. If Niki is unable to help with your particular problem, she will tell you. And if she knows of someone who may be better able to help you, she will refer you.

There is no fee associated with this consultation or for a consultation in the salon should you choose to have one there. This is simply a way to help you get the help you need, and to tell us how we can serve you better.

First Name: Last Name:
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